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A PHP web interface for monitoring Gearman Servers.

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Gearman UI is small a PHP application providing a minimal monitoring dashboard for a cluster of Gearman Job Servers.

It pings the registered Gearman servers for information on a fixed timeout, using the admin Gearman API and a slightly modified version of the PEAR Net_Gearman extension.

It is built on Silex and AngularJS to provide a solid, extensible and fast way to visually follow the activity of your job queues.

Running Gearman UI

Getting it to run on your server should be easy but it does involve a little bit more that just downloading a php file.


That's it, you should be able to access Gearman UI on your web browser.

Contributing to the projet

If you find bugs or comme up with some useful feature requests, let me know through the project issue queue.

Pull requests with corrections or new features are obviously very very welcome.

Gearman links

Quite a lot of documentation on Gearman exists. If you know you need Gearman UI, then you surelly have read most of the available documentation.

Gearman UI was inspired by an older UI projet: Gearman Monitor.